Arriaca IMPERIAL RUSSIAN STOUT is a high alcohol black beer, with notes of roasted coffee, dark chocolate and notes of vanilla, wood and black fruits.

  • Type: Stout
  • Alc. Vol .: 10.1%
  • Recommended consumption temperature: from 9º.
  • Glass: Baloon glass. 


Appearance: Black beer, completely opaque with a beautiful head of cinnamon / beige color and very compact foam.

Aroma: Complex but balanced. Pleasant aromas of coffee, black chocolate and roasted malts give way to vanilla and black fruits to finish with a sweet and liqueur finish.

Taste: Silky texture gives way to an explosion of coffee and chocolate with notes of wood and vanilla to continue with an intermediate liqueur taste to a pleasant and slightly bitter end. Complex and very balanced beer.

Pairing: Beer to drink like liquor after lunch or dinner accompanying the dessert, especially tiramisu, chocolates and vanilla, or simply on its own.

Observations: Arriaca Imperial Russian Stout has obtained the overall winner in World Beer Idol 2017 in Prague and, of course, the gold medal in its own beer category, and silver medal in Meininger International Beer Award 2017 in Germany.