Arriaca RUBIA



Arriaca RUBIA is a bottom fermenting blonde lager, light and refreshing, hop nose and malty palate. 

  • Type: Blonde lager
  • Alc. Vol.: 4.3%
  • Recommended consumption temperature: from 4-6 °
  • Glass: Arriaca glass, flute glass, pilsner glass. 


Appearance: golden straw color, light with white head.

Aroma: Citrus fruits on the nose, especially oranges and grapefruit, combined with floral notes and a distinctive hop aroma.

Taste: Fine nuances of malt are balanced with a slight bitterness that gives way to a clean and long finish.

Pairing: Ideal beer for brunch. Excellent with fish, summer salads or vegetables dishes. Also perfectly combines hot or spicy foods.

Observations: Arriaca Rubia has obtained gold medal in Nordic Beer Challenge 2016 in Copenhagen, gold medal in Brussels Beer Challenge 2016, Spain winner in World Beer Awards 2017 in London and silver medal in Barcelona Beer Challenge 2017 and 2018.