Arriaca TRIGO



Arriaca TRIGO is a top-fermented Wheat beer. Light, fruity and very refreshing. Ideal to quench one’s thirst. 

  • Type: Wheat
  • Alc. Vol .: 4,7%
  • Recommended consumption temperature: from 5-7º.
  • Glass: Weizen glass". 


Appearance: Clear golden orange, slightly hazy. White head, compact and durable.

Aroma: Aromas of banana and clove, characteristic features of yeast wheat are appreciated. Later floral and citrus notes, especially grapefruit.

Taste: The palate has a medium carbonation and slightly spicy. Middle and delicate body. It presents very well balanced flavor with the taste of malt banana. Not bitter. Later gives way to fruity undertones. Slightly dry finish, very nice.

Pairing: Ideal for brunch. Also combines nicely with seafood and medium / soft cheeses.

Observations: Arriaca Trigo has obtained gold medal in Barcelona Beer Festival 2016.



Arriaca RUBIA



Arriaca RUBIA is a bottom fermenting blonde lager, light and refreshing, hop nose and malty palate. 

  • Type: Blonde lager
  • Alc. Vol.: 4.3%
  • Recommended consumption temperature: from 4-6 °
  • Glass: Arriaca glass, flute glass, pilsner glass. 


Appearance: golden straw color, light with white head.

Aroma: Citrus fruits on the nose, especially oranges and grapefruit, combined with floral notes and a distinctive hop aroma.

Taste: Fine nuances of malt are balanced with a slight bitterness that gives way to a clean and long finish.

Pairing: Ideal beer for brunch. Excellent with fish, summer salads or vegetables dishes. Also perfectly combines hot or spicy foods.

Observations: Arriaca Rubia has obtained gold medal in Nordic Beer Challenge 2016 in Copenhagen, gold medal in Brussels Beer Challenge 2016, Spain winner in World Beer Awards 2017 in London and silver medal in Barcelona Beer Challenge 2017 and 2018.





Arriaca CENTENO is an India Pale Lager made with a high percentage of rye malt and a yeasty background.

  • Type: Rye India Pale Lager 
  • Alc. Vol.: 5,2%
  • Recommended consumption temperature: from 6-8º 
  • Glass: Shaker pint. 


Appearance: golden straw color, with long-lasting creamy white head.

Aroma: The aroma has a nice rye grain malt note followed immediately by earthy and piny hops, yeast, and a slight spicy and orange character.

Taste: On the palate, the spicy rye character give way to a mild bitter end. 

Pairing: Ideal with spicy food, nuts, cheese and patê.

Observations: Arriaca Centeno has obtained gold medal in Barcelona Beer Festival 2016, gold medal again in 2018, silver medal in 2019 and bronze medal in 2020, 1st Prize in Feria Internacional Thielmann Craft Beer Madrid 2014, silver medal in Nordic Beer Challenge 2016 in Copenhagen and bronze medal in World Beer Idol 2016 and 2020 in Prague.

Arriaca IPA



Arriaca IPA is a top-fermented beer with a strong hop character. Its complexity, remarkable body and creaminess create a special beer to be enjoyed with all five senses. 

  • Type: IPA
  • Alc. Vol .: 6,9%
  • Recommended consumption temperature: from 6-8º.
  • Glass: American Pint, "shaker". 


Appearance: Strong orange to reddish, with a creamy and lasting head.

Aroma: Citrus aromas on the nose, especially grapefruit and tangerine, herbaceous, floral and fruity notes. All these aromas give way to the sweet aroma of caramel malts.

Taste: The palate is medium bitterness that dissipates quickly giving way to citrus, pine and caramel and biscuit typical from its grain. Balance addressed towards malt without astringent bitter end.

Pairing: Red meats, roasts, stews, strong cheese, patê,...

Observations: Arriaca IPA has obtained ABC Award best Spanish IPA 2016 in Madrid, silver medal in Dublin Craft Beer Cup 2016 and bronze medal in World Beer Idol 2016 and silver medal 2020 in Prague.

Arriaca PORTER



Arriaca PORTER is a black beer with hints of roasted coffee, chocolate and nuts. 

  • Type: Porter
  • Alc. Vol .: 5.9%
  • Recommended consumption temperature: from 6-8º.
  • Glass: Arriaca glass, Pint. 


Appearance: Deep brown black color. Head’s creamy and lasting.

Aroma: Aromas of roasted coffee and dark chocolate. 

Taste: Medium bodied with coffee nuances that give way to the bitter end of black chocolate and nuts.  

Pairing: a beer to enjoy alone or accompanying a dessert, especially cakes, biscuits and chocolates.

Observations: Arriaca Porter has obtained gold medal in Barcelona Beer Challenge 2020, Spain winner in World Beer Awards 2017 in London, silver medal in World Beer Idol 2016 in Prague, silver medal in Nordic Beer Challenge 2016 in Copenhagen, silver medal in Barcelona Beer Challenge 2019 and bronze medal in Brussels Beer Challenge 2015 and 2016 again. 






Arriaca IMPERIAL RUSSIAN STOUT is a high alcohol black beer, with notes of roasted coffee, dark chocolate and notes of vanilla, wood and black fruits.

  • Type: Stout
  • Alc. Vol .: 10.1%
  • Recommended consumption temperature: from 9º.
  • Glass: Baloon glass. 


Appearance: Black beer, completely opaque with a beautiful head of cinnamon / beige color and very compact foam.

Aroma: Complex but balanced. Pleasant aromas of coffee, black chocolate and roasted malts give way to vanilla and black fruits to finish with a sweet and liqueur finish.

Taste: Silky texture gives way to an explosion of coffee and chocolate with notes of wood and vanilla to continue with an intermediate liqueur taste to a pleasant and slightly bitter end. Complex and very balanced beer.

Pairing: Beer to drink like liquor after lunch or dinner accompanying the dessert, especially tiramisu, chocolates and vanilla, or simply on its own.

Observations: Arriaca Imperial Russian Stout has obtained the overall winner in World Beer Idol 2017 in Prague and, of course, the gold medal in its own beer category, and silver medal in Meininger International Beer Award 2017 in Germany.