Arriaca, Guadalajara Craft Beer



Arriaca was a Celtiberian settlement that preceded the city of Guadalajara (Spain).

Its exact location remains a matter of debate, but undoubtedly somewhere, near our factory, under our cereal fields, we find our origins, the ones which give name to our beer today.


Arriaca creates authentic and original beers, made with patience and respect for the process. No tricks, no preservatives. The mime, care and patience are responsible for the colours, aromas, flavors and textures of a range of craft beers made to be enjoyed in full.


Natural products only and the only needed to brew:

Water, malt, hops and yeast. That’s it.

WATER: Pure water from the Sorbe River, from the northem mountains of Guadalajara, It’s an excellent water for brewing due to its weak mineralization.

MALT: Best imported malts along with the best selected ones from the cereal harvested in the province of Guadalajara.

The regulation allows us to mix raw materials, additives and non-malt extracts up to 50%, but not our beers. Our beer is brewed with 100% malt and no preservatives.

HOP: We use national varieties of hops and the finest aromatic Americans, British and European hops.

The regulation allows the use of hop extracts, derivatives and aromatic extracts. We add none of those to our beers.

YEAST: Both Ale type yeast and Lager type yeast are controlled by strict laboratory tests.


In Arriaca we are faithful and respectful to the original brewing process inherited from our ancestors. Mime, care and patience is the key. It is beer that dictates its time, not us.


Current regulations allow carbonating the beer injecting artificial CO2. Our beers do not contain injected gas. The carbonation of our beers is generated during the natural fermentation of the wort.

So that carbonic is integrated in beer and that’s why it makes our beer so special. That’s why this beer is light on stomach, it doesn’t make you feel heavy.


For decades, the national beer scene has been monopolized by large corporations and beer downgraded to the status of mere refreshment, background, without smell or taste.

If there are countless styles of beer, why always limited to conventional? Why do we have to drink the same beer for brunch, evening or night out?. Do we have to drink the same beer when it's hot than when it's cold? Must we have the same beer when we are eating a mild fish than when we are eating a beef stew or dessert?

Arriaca has bet from the beginning for a creative and quality beer culture, where the variety is a virtue. And so we are in continuous research, working on new ideas, concepts and recipes.


The natural carbonation and the variety of styles make Arriaca a perfect companion for culinary pairings.

Arriaca RUBIA pairs white fish, summer salads, vegetables and spicy foods. Arriaca TRIGO match perfectly with seafood or semi-cured cheeses. Arriaca CENTENO, fits with spicy foods and nuts, being the strength of the Arriaca IPA the perfect companion for red meats, roasts, stews, strong cheese or patê. Our Arriaca PORTER is a perfect beer for the afternoon, being even more attractive accompanied by a dessert, especially cakes, biscuits and chocolates.


The craft beer has an inseparable local component. The contribution of such initiatives in rural environments generates direct employment, energizes the business and facilitates the development and promotion of local producers of raw materials. Each litre of beer that leaves our premises generates 50 times more jobs than a litre of beer coming out of the big brewing factories. 

Apart from its magnificent taste, that’s why we strongly recommend you to choose Arriaca.