Arriaca SESSION IPA is an India Pale Ale beer, golden, very thirst quenching, light in alcohol, and gently carbonised which bring out the hoppy aroma.

  • Type: IPA  
  • Alc. Vol.: 3,6%   
  • Recommended consumption temperature:: from 4º.
  • Glass: american pint, “shaker”. 


Appearance: Of an intensely bright golden color. On serving, a crown of firm, white and long lasting head is created.

Aroma: Giving a lovely aroma of hops on the nose, with notes of citrus and tropical fruit and hints of resin given by new generation American hops.

Taste: On the palate it is fresh, very drinkable with a light bitter touch with fruit and citric notes being predominant tan a long lasting after taste.

Pairing: It is a light, aromatic and flavoursome beer, perfect as an aperitif or pre-lunch drink served with spicy or hot “tapas”.

The daily reward.

Observations: Arriaca Session IPA has obtained Spain gold medal in World Beer Awards 2017 in London.